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Traditional Water Heater Installation

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Hot water is one of those modern conveniences we often take for granted until the day it’s suddenly not there. When you find yourself in need of hot water heater services, it’s important to have a reliable plumber you can count on.

Whether it’s time to replace your aging and inefficient water heater or you’re seeking a new unit for a brand-new home, Nardco’s skilled technicians are here to provide timely, efficient, and cost-effective traditional water heater installation services for homeowners in Central Indiana.

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How Long Does a Traditional Tank Water Heater Last?

One common question homeowners have is about the lifespan of their traditional tank water heaters. The typical life expectancy for a traditional water heater falls in the range of 8 to 12 years.

However, this can vary based on factors like the quality of the unit, regular maintenance, and water quality. In many cases, well-maintained units can last a bit longer, while others may fail sooner if not properly cared for.

Repairing Vs. Replacing Your Tank Water Heater: What to Consider

When your traditional water heater experiences issues, determining whether to repair or replace it is a big decision. Here are some key factors to consider:

Age of the Water Heater

Evaluate the age of your water heater. Older units, typically over eight years, may be nearing the end of their life expectancy, which can influence your decision.

Frequency of Repairs

If your water heater requires frequent repairs, it may be an indication that it’s becoming less reliable, and replacement could be a more practical option.

Repair Costs

Assess the cost of the repairs needed. If the repair expenses are substantial and approaching the cost of a new water heater, replacement might be the more cost-effective choice.

Energy Efficiency

Consider the energy efficiency of your existing water heater. Older models tend to be less efficient, resulting in higher operating costs. Upgrading to a more energy-efficient unit can lead to long-term savings.

Hot Water Demand

Evaluate whether your current water heater can meet the hot water demands of your household. A larger family may require a higher-capacity water heater.

Performance Issues

Examine any ongoing performance issues with your water heater, such as inconsistent heating, insufficient hot water, or water leaks. These issues may indicate the need for replacement.

Warranty Status

Check if your water heater is still under warranty. Some repairs might be covered, but an expired warranty could lead to higher repair costs.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision about whether to repair or replace your traditional water heater. Nardco is here to offer professional guidance and services to ensure your choice aligns with your specific needs and budget.

Selecting the Right Water Heater for Your Home

Choosing the ideal traditional water heater for your Indianapolis home involves evaluating several critical factors to ensure it meets your specific requirements. 

  • Fuel Type: Decide whether you want a natural gas, electric, or propane water heater. The fuel type will impact your operating costs and heating efficiency.
  • Size and Capacity: Look at the size of your household and its hot water demands. A larger family may require a water heater with a greater tank capacity to meet their needs.
  • Efficiency: Consider the water heater’s energy efficiency rating. Higher-efficiency units can significantly reduce your monthly utility bills.
  • Cost: Compare the initial cost of the water heater, including installation expenses, to ensure it aligns with your budget. Nardco offers flexible financing options, subject to credit approval, to make your traditional water heater installation more affordable over time.

Nardco’s experienced professionals can assist you in assessing these factors and selecting the perfect traditional water heater that caters to your unique requirements. We also offer financing to help you get the new water heater you need within your budget.

Caring for Your New Water Heater

Maintaining your traditional water heater is a key aspect of ensuring its optimal performance and longevity. Proper maintenance is essential to keep your unit running efficiently and extend its lifespan. At Nardco, we offer a range of services to keep your water heater in top condition, including routine and pre-scheduled maintenance services designed to resolve minor issues, inspect the system, and ensure all components are functioning correctly. 

However, we understand that unexpected issues can arise at any time. That’s why we provide around-the-clock emergency services to address urgent water heater problems. Our commitment to timely maintenance and emergency assistance ensures that your hot water needs are consistently met.

By choosing Nardco for your traditional water heater installation in the Indianapolis area, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your unit is well-cared for and you have access to prompt assistance whenever you need it.

Experience the Nardco Difference

Proper installation is crucial to ensure your new traditional water heater functions efficiently and safely. Nardco’s skilled technicians handle the traditional water heater installation process with care and precision. 

We take pride in leaving your home cleaner than we found it. Our team also goes to great lengths to protect your property during service, and any damaged property will be either replaced or repaired. You can expect our technicians to be respectful and courteous during each visit. We treat you like family because, to us, you are.

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Nardco has been a trusted provider of heating and cooling services for homes and businesses throughout Central Indiana since 1961. Now, we’re excited to offer plumbing services to better serve our community. 

Our locally owned and operated company takes great pride in becoming your go-to plumbers, ensuring that you receive top-notch services and professional care. If you’re in Madison, Hamilton, or Marion counties and need a traditional water heater installation, you can trust Nardco for a seamless and reliable service. Don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule your installation appointment today. We’re here to ensure you have hot water when you need it.