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Heating Services

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Your home’s comfort is incredibly important, especially during the fall and winter months. When you do not have a reliable heating system it cannot only make you and your family uncomfortable, but it can create a dangerous situation. Your home’s plumbing needs to be warm to prevent water from freezing and causing pipes to burst. When you’re paying for extensive water damage is when you’d really wish you invested in heating services like heating system repairs, maintenance, or installation services.

Nardco Heating & Air Conditioning offers heating system services in Anderson, IN, and throughout the Central Indiana area. Schedule an appointment with us today for an estimate on repairs or new installation. You’ll be so impressed with our dedication to quality and customer service that you’ll rely on us to maintain your system throughout the lifetime of your heating system. Contact us today.

Heating System Installation

Did you know that you have heating system options for your Central Indiana home? Since the Anderson area has a mild climate, you don’t need to have a heavy-duty furnace to heat your home if you don’t want to. The professional HVAC technicians at Nardco can walk you through your heating system options.

Heat Pump Installation

A heat pump is a system that can both heat and cool your home. It does not burn fossil fuels or generate heat. It runs purely on electricity to transfer heat from the outside air and pressurized refrigerant brings the heat inside to heat your home. In the summer, it works in reverse by removing heat from your home and transferring it outside.

Heat pumps are incredibly energy efficient. Many customers that have heat pumps report substantially lower energy bills. There are government rebates and tax breaks for homeowners that make the switch from furnaces to heat pumps. Talk to Nardco today if you have any questions about heat pump installation.

Furnace Installation

Furnaces are a tried and true heating system that many Anderson homeowners have installed in their homes currently. Furnaces heat your home much faster than heat pumps and they are often more reliable. Many homeowners upgrade their furnaces to more energy-efficient models when their current system stops working, has required lots of repairs, or their system is 15-20 years old. A new furnace installation will be much more efficient than a model installed over two decades ago, so not only will you save money on repair costs, but on heating bills as well. Nardco can install natural gas or electric furnaces in Central Indiana homes.

Dual Fuel Systems

Many homeowners like the energy efficiency of heat pumps, but are worried about their performance when temperatures drop really low as they sometimes do in the winter. Having a dual-fuel system could be the answer. This is when you have both a heat pump and a furnace installed in your home. You’ll rely on the furnace to keep your home comfortable most of the winter, but for those extra cold days, your furnace will kick on automatically and heat your home quickly. You’ll use significantly less natural gas to heat your home than you would be having just a furnace alone, and you’ll always have peace of mind that your home will be comfortably warm on the coldest of days. 

Financing Options Available on A New Heat Pump or Furnace

A new heating system can be quite an investment, one that many homeowners might not be financially prepared for. Just because you cannot purchase a furnace outright does not mean that you do not deserve heat. Everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own home, and Nardco can help make sure that is the case with flexible financing options.

For those who qualify, Nardco offers financing options through Wells Fargo Bank N.A. We can also help make a new heat pump or furnace more affordable by helping you navigate through current manufacturers’ special offers, government rebates, and tax breaks. By breaking down the overall cost of a new heating system into small monthly payments, Nardco makes sure anyone can afford to stay warm throughout the winter. Talk to us today to see if you qualify.

Other Popular Heating Systems We Can Install

Nardco can also bring the heating capabilities of boilers, ductless mini splits, air handlers, and zoned HVAC to your Central Indiana home. 

Heating System Repair Services

Being without heat is usually the biggest sign that your heat pump, furnace, boiler, or ductless mini-split system needs repairs, however, often your HVAC system will give you more warning signs before it gets to that point. The longer you put off repairs the more extensive they become, which can lead to higher repair bills or even system replacement. If you notice any of the following issues, schedule a heating system repair service with Nardco.

Odd Odors When the Heating System is Running

What’s that smell? If it’s coming from your furnace or heat pump, turn off your system and call for repairs. Odors that smell like feet or old socks are often a sign of mold in the system. Odors like burning often indicate an electrical short. Weird smells aren’t just annoying, they can be dangerous to your health and it’s best to get them addressed right away.

The Heating System Is Running Constantly

If it seems like your furnace or heat pump is running non-stop, you’ll see it reflected in your energy bill. If you can see your outdoor heat pump unit fan and it seems like it’s always spinning, it could mean there is an issue with a sensor, thermostat, or the unit itself. Furnaces that are constantly running could be too small for the home and will burn through a lot of energy quickly to get the home up to the set temperature. Let Nardco take a look to find the exact cause of the problem. 

Short Cycling

When your heating system kicks on and then quickly shuts off again without heating your home, this is called short cycling. This is a very common problem that can be caused by a number of issues, but the act of short cycling can be incredibly damaging to your heating system. First, check your system’s air filter to see if it needs to be replaced. This may solve your problem. However, if the short cycling continues to persist, call for service. 

Weird Noises Coming From My Heating Unit

Banging, popping, and screeching are all ways your heating system is trying to communicate to you that there is something wrong. Not only are noises annoying, but they could also be a sign of bigger problems. The sooner you call for furnace or heat pump repairs, the sooner the noises will stop. 

Heating System Maintenance

Many times, the issues listed above are caused by a lack of maintenance. Your heating system should be inspected, cleaned, and lubricated once a year. This maintenance should take place for furnaces in the fall before the system is turned on for the first time. Heat pumps need to be maintained twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. 

Maintenance can help prevent the need for repairs, help your system last as long as possible, and keep your indoor air quality up. Many manufacturer’s warranties require homeowners to keep up on maintenance to cover future repairs. If you let your warranty lapse, you could make repairs very expensive for yourself in the future. 

Become a Comfort Club Member

If you have a hard time remembering to stay regular with heating system maintenance, join Nardco’s Comfort Club. We make maintenance easy by contacting you when it’s time for your system tune-up so you never miss an important appointment again. 

Membership also has other benefits like no overtime charges, discounts on repairs and products, priority scheduling, and special labor prices. Sign up for our Comfort Club today.

Call Nardco for Quality Heating Services in Anderson, IN

If you need assistance with your home’s heating system, your first call for help should be to Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning. We can assist you with a variety of services to make sure that your home is wrapped in comfort. To schedule an appointment for heating services in Anderson, IN, or the Central Indiana area, call Nardco today.