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Furnace Installation

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Even the most reliable furnace will need to be replaced at some point. While you might be dreading the process of buying a new furnace, it will be well worth the effort. A new furnace will come with a variety of benefits that can help you save money and time spent worrying about the comfort of your home. If you’re building a new home and you’re looking for a heating system, a furnace is a powerful heating system that many homeowners rely on.

Whether you’re looking to replace your old furnace or want one installed in your newly constructed home, talk to the team at Nardco about furnace installation services in Anderson, IN, and the Central Indiana area. The community has trusted us to provide quality heating services and home comfort solutions since 1961 and we would be happy to help you too. Keep reading to learn more about furnace installation services.

Should You Replace Your Furnace?

If you are tired of dealing with inoperable heating systems, replacing a furnace may be the best solution. While it’s not uncommon to need 1 repair in the cold season, needing multiple repairs is a big sign your furnace is probably on its way out. Talk to your HVAC technician and they will let you know if it’s worth it to make a major repair or to just purchase a new furnace. Many times, a furnace repair can fix your problems, but there are some issues that mean that your furnace is dangerous to operate or are incredibly expensive to fix. These are some of the most common signs your furnace is on its last leg:

  • Cracked Heat Exchanger
  • Blower Motor Issues
  • Carbon Monoxide Leak
  • Control Board Issues

These are issues that cannot be easily repaired and are a sign that your furnace is dangerous to operate. This means you will need a replacement. However, each case is different and only an experienced HVAC technician can help you decide what is best for your home’s comfort and safety.

However, even if your furnace isn’t working properly and you’re considering replacing it, here are some common signs that it’s the right thing to do.

The Furnace is Over 15 Years Old

Furnaces tend to last between 15-20 years. The older they are the more common repairs are needed. Around 10 years is when more warranties run out and furnaces repairs become more expensive. When your furnace is over 15 years old and it’s causing your major headaches, replacing it is probably in your best interest.

Rising Energy Bills

Efficiency ratings have improved over the last few years and there’s a good chance that your new furnace will be much more efficient than your current furnace. If repairs and maintenance have not helped restore your energy bills to comfortable levels, a brand-new furnace will.

Inconsistent Room Temperatures Around Your Anderson Home

When a heater ages, it can become more inefficient until it loses the ability to distribute heat evenly throughout your home. A new furnace that is sized appropriately for your home will be much more powerful and will heat your entire home much more effectively.

Noisy Equipment

While a furnace might make noise when it initially kicks on, they generally are relatively quiet systems. Hearing popping, screeching, or buzzing noises is not normal. If the issues persist even after repairs, replacing your noisy equipment with a new system will restore silence to your home.

Benefits of Replacing Your Furnace

There are many benefits to replacing your furnace completely instead of continuing repairs. If you’ve been unhappy with your furnace’s performance over the last few years, it’s a smart idea to fix it on your schedule. Waiting for your furnace to die may result in much more expensive installation services. Talk to Nardco before the fall about new furnace installation to save money, and we’ll be happy to help you experience more benefits of replacing your furnace, such as: 

Better Efficiency

New furnace models are able to convert fuel into more energy than previous furnace designs, allowing them to operate efficiently during the winter months. This means you won’t have to spend more money on fuel costs such as gas. 

Save Money in the Long Run

Better efficiency means more affordable heating bills. While a new furnace might be a big investment initially, the savings you experience on energy bills and repair costs will help you make your money back. 

Better Indoor Air Quality

An old furnace or one that has had maintenance neglected often spreads dust and other contaminants around the home through your air ducts. A sparkling clean new furnace will help stop the accumulation of dust and germs in your home and improve your indoor air quality.

Nardco Offers Flexible Financing For Anderson, IN Homeowners, Looking for A New Furnace

Nardco understands that it’s your priority to keep your home safe and healthy for your family. That’s why we offer convenient financing options to suit your budget. We believe that finances should never be an obstacle to a warm home with healthy indoor air quality. 

For those who qualify, Nardco offers financing options through Wells Fargo Bank N.A. We can also help make a heating system more affordable by helping you navigate through current manufacturers’ special offers, government rebates, and tax breaks. By breaking down the overall cost of a new heating system into small monthly payments, Nardco makes sure anyone can afford to stay warm throughout the winter. Talk to us today to see if you qualify. 

Call Nardco For Furnace Installation Service in Central Indiana

Nardco is your single-source solution whether you need an entirely new furnace or repairs to your existing furnace. We are highly-rated heating system installers in Anderson, Indiana. Nardco offers expert, accurate advice, with a 100% guarantee on every new furnace system we install. Our experienced team of HVAC technicians is highly trained and will walk you through all your options when it comes time for new furnace installation. Give Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning a call today to get started on the furnace installation process in your Anderson, IN area home.