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Heat Pump Repair Services

heat pump repair

All through Central Indiana, homeowners are relying on heat pumps for year-round comfort. Hoosiers love the incredible energy efficiency and comfort a heat pump provides. However, by neglecting to repair your heat pump for too long, your heat pump might not be as efficient as it once was. Since heat pumps run constantly, they are often more prone to stress and breakdowns. It’s important to repair your heat pump quickly to maintain your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. Heat pump problems don’t just go away on their own, and can often cause bigger problems to develop.

Call Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning for quality heat pump repair services in Anderson, IN, and throughout Central Indiana. You can trust our team of NATE-certified technicians to provide quality repairs that last the first time. No matter what kind of heat pump you have, the team at Nardco is happy to help.

Tell-Tale Signs of Struggling Heat Pump

Sometimes a change in the operation of a heat pump is obvious and other times issues develop so slowly that you might not even notice. Nardco explains some signs that your heat pump needs repair services. 

Strange Odors Or Noises

Your senses can tell you a lot about how your heat pump is doing. If you hear that something does not sound quite right or you smell something strange when your heat pump is running are common signs that your heat pump needs help. Don’t continue to operate if your heat pump is blowing odors through your home or is making scary noises. Odors can be dangerous to your health, and noises like buzzing are signs of electrical issues that could start a fire. If either of these seems familiar, turn off your heat pump and call Nardco. 

Frozen Coils

If you notice that the coils are frozen, try turning your heat pump to defrost mode to see if this helps. Once the ice melts try running the heat pump to see if the coils freeze again. Don’t let this become an ongoing problem by talking to Nardco for heat pump repairs. 

High Energy Bills

If your heat pump is not working efficiently, you’ll notice unexpectedly high energy bills. An inefficient heat pump uses a lot more energy than a properly working system. Oftentimes, a quick repair can make your home and heating and cooling bills much more comfortable. 

Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when your heat pump starts up and then shuts down before a full cycle completes. This puts a lot of strain on the unit. Having it fixed sooner rather than later can prevent a lot of damage. 

Low Output

You expect your heat pump to heat or cool your home to your desired temperature. If your heat pump is not producing heat and your home temperature is not reaching your thermostat setting, then you need to have your heat pump repaired. Low airflow from your vents, hot and cold spots around your home or just no airflow are all issues that should be addressed right away. 

Repairing or Replacing Your Heat Pump: Which Is Best?

Many Anderson homeowners tend to think the worst when their HVAC systems show signs of issues. Often, there’s no need to fear. Just because you popped a tire doesn’t mean you’d replace your whole car right? Unfortunately, it’s hard to see exactly how impactful issues are to your heat pump, but like fixing a tire on a car, it’s often a straightforward fix. So before you start saving up for a new heat pump, consider the following: 

It’s Under 10 Years

A heat pump should last at least 10 years. If your unit is under 10 years old and needs to be repaired, it shouldn’t need to be replaced. A repair bill for a heat pump that is less than 10 years old will be well worth the money. 

Few Past Repairs

Most heat pumps will need one or two repairs over the course of their lifespan, so a few repairs are normal. When you need multiple repairs in one season is when you should start to worry.

Repairs Needed are Minor

There are some HVAC parts that when they break signal the death of the system. An HVAC technician can give you an estimate on the new parts and if they think that replacing them will cost more than a new system itself. More often than not, repairs needed for heat pumps are minor and well worth it. 

There’s Still a Warranty On the System

Lastly, if your unit is still under warranty, you should consider repairing it. A warranty will cover repairs to a heat pump, so you should not have to worry about any extra repair costs.

Prevent Future Furnace Issues With Maintenance Services

We understand that a broken heat pump disrupts your life and increases anxiety. As a local Anderson area business, our team has core values beyond simple repairs. Caring for the needs and comfort of our neighbors means after your equipment is repaired we take time to consult with you and inspect the overall condition of your heating and cooling system. 

One of the best ways to prevent heat pump failure is regular maintenance. Affordable heat pump tune-ups in the spring and fall clean your system and avoid many of the issues that lead to surprise heat pump repairs. By investing in preventative maintenance, you can save money on repair and energy bills making the cost of maintenance well worth it. 

Become a Comfort Club Member to Save On Heat Pump Services

Many homeowners know they need to maintain their heat pumps, but their busy schedules get in the way of setting an appointment. The Nardo Comfort Club makes heat pump maintenance easy. We contact you when maintenance is due and schedule an appointment based on your availability. Members also receive priority service, discounts on services and labor, and no overtime charges. Talk to Nardco to sign up today.

Trust Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning for Quality Heat Pump Repairs

Here at Nardco, you know that you can trust and rely on us for all of your heating and cooling needs, including those pertaining to heat pumps. We also take the time to thoroughly vet anyone we hire, including only hiring NATE-certified technicians. Our reputation speaks for itself, and you have peace of mind when you hire us for all of your heating and cooling needs.

We have hundreds of five-star reviews from Central Indiana homeowners just like you who were concerned about the operation of their heat pumps. We responded quickly, gave a comprehensive estimate, and our professional team of technicians set to solve their home comfort issues. When you’re experiencing heat pump issues in Anderson, IN, give Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning a try to experience a difference in quality.