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Air Conditioning Services

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Summers in Anderson, IN can be downright brutal with intense heat and humidity. While years ago it seemed like a home cooling system was more of a luxury than a necessity, with each summer getting hotter than the summer before, that’s no longer the case. Elderly, furry, and extremely young family members are especially prone to heat stroke. Make sure your home is a comfortable retreat from the hot summer temperatures with quality cooling services in Anderson, Indiana from the trusted HVAC contractors at Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning. Since 1961 Nardco has been serving the Central Indiana area with high-quality service for air conditioners and heat pumps. Talk to us today to learn more about the variety of cooling systems we can service at your home.

Air Conditioning Services in Anderson, IN

When Should You Schedule An AC Repair

Typically with a comfort system like an air conditioner, you know it’s time to schedule air conditioning repair when the system doesn’t blow cold air when you need it to, or even worse when it doesn’t turn on at all. But not every sign that your system needs repairing is quite so obvious. Give us a call if you’re experiencing:

  • A significant spike in energy costs

  • Strange noises when your air conditioner is cycling

  • Poor airflow and reduced comfort

  • A system that can’t keep up with your thermostat

Extend The Life Of Your Air Conditioner With Routine Maintenance

Few things are worse than turning on your air conditioner for the first time during a warm day in May or June and feeling musty, hot air blowing out of your vents. Of course, as you try and get a hold of a professional, it’s going to feel like the entire state of Indiana picked the same day for their air conditioners to fail.

Allow Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning to handle your yearly maintenance so you can have a licensed, bonded, and insured technician inspect and maintain the mechanical components of your air conditioner before it’s too late. Routine maintenance can also help:

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Enhance comfort and airflow
  • Maintain manufacturer warranties

Affordable And Efficient AC Replacements

Whether your current cooling system is on its last leg, or you’re looking to upgrade preemptively for improved savings, comfort, and peace of mind, we’re here to help. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, we work closely with an HVAC industry leader to offer highly efficient air conditioning systems that will save you money and keep your family living comfortably for years and years.

Looking for A More Energy Efficient Cooling System? Consider a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are the two-in-one appliance that can cool your home like an air conditioning system as well as heat it in the winter. These systems do not use natural gas, making them a much more clean source of cooling. As an experienced HVAC service company, you can turn to Nardco for all your heat pump questions and issues.

Air source heat pumps work by taking the heat from the air outside and transferring it inside through pressurized refrigerant. The heat from the air outside then warms your home during the winter. In the summer, the process is reversed and the refrigerant transfers the heat from your home and releases it outside.

Whether you’re looking for heat pump installation service because you’re looking to switch HVAC systems, or because you need help with heat pump replacement service, Nardco is happy to help with either.

Quality Heat Pump Repairs

Regardless of which kind of HVAC system your home has, you can count on Nardco to repair it. We’ve seen a variety of cooling system problems all over the Central Indiana area and there’s nothing that our team of HVAC technicians can’t fix. If your heat pump is doing any of the following, it’s time to call for repairs:

  • Frozen Outdoor Unit
  • Not Blowing Cold Air
  • Short Cycling
  • Making Loud Noises
  • Running Constantly

Call Nardco whenever you need HVAC system repairs and we can provide the top-notch customer service you expect from such a reputable company.

Keep Your Heat Pump Working In Every Season with Regular Maintenance

Your heat pump needs maintenance service performed on it twice a year to keep it working properly. Since heat pumps work year-round to provide home comfort, they need preparation to adjust to the season ahead. Maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs, lapses in manufacturer’s warranties, and high energy costs. At the end of your maintenance appointment, your system will be restored to peak energy efficiency so your heating and cooling bills will stay at a comfortable price point throughout the year.

Ductless Mini Split Services

When you have a heat pump, you can pair it with ductless mini splits to provide personalized comfort control around your home. Ductless mini splits are indoor air handlers that have their own thermostats. One mini-split can control a room or a number of rooms called a zone. Many Anderson, IN customers, use mini-splits to control the climate in rooms that don’t have access to ductwork. These rooms might be finished attics or rooms over the garage, new home additions, or stand-alone buildings like she-sheds or workshops.

Once you have a ductless mini split installed in your home, you’ll enjoy individualized controls and energy savings. Because these systems are ductless they retain much more of the energy that is produced because it can not escape through leaks in the ductwork. Energy is transferred through a conduit that is attached to an outdoor unit like a heat pump. You can also turn off your mini split in unused rooms to save additional energy.

If you ever notice that your ductless mini-split is making strange noises or leaking, call Nardco for ductless mini-split repairs right away. As an experienced HVAC company, you can also count on us to keep your ductless mini split in tip-top condition with maintenance services as well.

Air Handlers

Like a mini-split, an air handler distributes cool air from an air conditioning unit or warm and cool air from a heat pump throughout your home. This unit alone can experience its own unique needs that can be addressed by quality HVAC repair services. When you call Nardco to find your Central Indiana HVAC system, inspecting your air handlers is part of our troubleshooting process. We’ll let you know if your air handler needs replacement or just a simple repair.

Zoned HVAC Systems

Many empty nesters feel like they are wasting energy by heating their children’s empty rooms after they’ve moved out. They want to remain in their home without spending so much money on heating and cooling bills every month. A solution could be a zoned HVAC system.

When you have empty rooms in your house, you can’t simply close the registers to stop heating and cooling these rooms. This strains your HVAC system. What you can do instead is install ductless mini splits, or have dampers installed in your ductwork. Zoned HVAC systems make it easy to individually control certain rooms of your house, cutting down your energy usage, and improving comfort throughout your home. Talk to Nardco to see if your home would be a good fit for HVAC zoning.

Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning has Served the Central Indiana Area Since 1961

When you need a new AC unit or are experiencing any HVAC problems that prevent your home from becoming comfortably cool, call on the team at Nardco to provide quality cooling services in Anderson, IN. We are happy to perform the necessary repairs, clean and maintain your cooling systems, and let you know when it’s time for a replacement. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, you can count on us for quality equipment, tools, and service to make sure that every repair, maintenance appointment, and installation is done with the utmost quality and attention to detail. Schedule an appointment with Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning today. Since 1961 Nardco has been serving the Central Indiana area with high-quality service for air conditioners and heat pumps. Talk to us today to learn more about the variety of cooling systems we can service at your home.