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Ductless Mini Split Installation

ductless mini split installation

Have you ever walked into a friend’s house and seen a long white box mounted to the wall? It doesn’t make any noise but your friend says it’s an air conditioner. But don’t room air conditioners need to be mounted in a window? What you saw was a ductless mini split and not only can it cool a room, but it can also heat it as well. A ductless mini-split is the latest and greatest innovation in HVAC technology and you might want to consider installing one in your home too.

Nardco Heating and Cooling can provide ductless mini-split installation services in Anderson, IN, and the greater Central Indiana area. Your friend who has one probably agrees that they’re easy to use and come with a lot of great features and benefits. These systems can serve just one room or a whole house. Keep reading to learn more about these customizable HVAC systems.

How Do Ductless Mini-Splits Work

A ductless mini split system features indoor units that mount into rooms. These air handlers circulate air throughout one room, or a few rooms called a “zone”. Warm air within your home runs across very cold pressurized refrigerant within the coils of your indoor unit. The indoor unit is attached to an outdoor compressor through a small conduit where the heat is released. The air handler works to transfer heat away instead of generating it. Once the heat is removed from the zone and the room is cooled to the desired temperature.  This cycle is very energy efficient, quiet, and effective.

For year-round comfort, the process can be reversed. During the heating cycle, the refrigerant is heated from outdoor air and cold air within your home is warmed by heated coils. These systems do not require ductwork and run solely on electricity. Each air handler can be adjusted manually or from a central thermostat.

Situations That Benefit From Ductless Mini-Split Installation

Is a ductless mini-split right for your home? One of the great things about this HVAC system is that they are completely customizable to your home and your heating and cooling needs. Here are some common situations where ductless mini-splits offer the ultimate comfort solution. 

You Have A Separate Dwelling On Your Property

Sheds, pole barns, workshops, guest houses, and other buildings that are on your property but detached from your house may need a heating and cooling system. However, running ductwork underground is not a very good idea. Ductless mini-splits give these buildings their own comfort controls for an affordable price. 

You’ve Added a New Addition To Your Home

When planning an addition to your home, be sure to consider your HVAC system. Many homeowners don’t realize that adding a room to their house means that their furnace or air conditioner may need to be replaced to meet the extra demand and that you’ll need to have ductwork installed. This can be an unexpected expense. A ductless mini-split is a good economic option to keep this room comfortable. 

There Are Rooms In Your House That Are Hotter or Colder Than The Others

Some floor plans are sprawling and it makes it hard for your HVAC system to heat or cool all of them. If this is the case, make sure you have someone check your ductwork for leaks or see if your room needs new insulation. However, if these don’t solve the problem a ductless mini-split might.

Many homes in Anderson, IN have sunrooms which are lovely to spend time in during any month but the summer. While the sunlight is nice, the heat is just too much to stand. A ductless mini-split can cool the room so you can use it in every season. 

There is a Constant Fight Over the Thermostat 

When your kids don’t pay the heating bills you don’t want them to touch the thermostat. However, if they’re always complaining about being cold while the rest of the family feels comfortable, a ductless mini-split provides them with their own thermostat to adjust that won’t disrupt the rest of the house. 

When the kids move out and their rooms are unoccupied, you can turn off the ductless mini-split to save energy. This way you’re not paying to heat and cool empty spaces in your house. 

Benefits of Ductless Mini Split Installation in Anderson, IN

Besides all the ways a ductless mini-split can solve problems around the house, they also come with a bunch of other benefits. 

  • Easy To Install – Installing a ductless mini-split system is far less invasive than retrofitting ductwork into your home. Since ductless mini-split heat pumps operate on electricity, there are no additional natural gas lines to install.
  • Efficient – Ductwork can account for 20-30% energy loss. Since mini-splits are ductless, all the conditioned air your system generates will be used. 
  • Safer – A window air conditioner can be knocked out to gain entry into a home. Since ductless mini-splits are mounted to a wall, the system is not vulnerable to theft. 
  • Easy to Operate – Although it might take some getting used to at first, a ductless mini split is very easy to operate. Especially when they are paired with a smart thermostat. 


Talk to Nardco About Adding Ductless Mini Splits To Your Home

If the idea of adding ductless mini-splits to your Anderson, IN home interests you, talk to the team at Narco Heating and Air Conditioning about ductless mini-split installation services. We can install units in one room or throughout your entire home. Let’s work together to come up with a quality comfort plan designed specifically to meet your needs. Call Nardco today.