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Pendleton, IN Furnace Repair

pendleton in furnace installation

Having a furnace you can count on makes a big difference in terms of home comfort. Winters in Pendleton, IN, often include freezing or even below-freezing temperatures. When you don’t have heat at all or when you have unreliable heat, your indoor temperatures can drop fast. 

Instead of stocking up on blankets to keep warm, turn to Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning to get your furnace running again. Our family-owned and operated HVAC company has been providing furnace repair in Pendleton, Indiana, since 1961. Our team of professional technicians can come to your home to check your furnace, determine what’s ailing it, and provide timely repairs. 

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Common Furnace Problems for Pendleton Homeowners

Don’t worry about trying to figure out why your furnace isn’t working right. That’s what we’re here for. At Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning, our technicians have cutting-edge diagnostic tools on hand to find out what’s wrong with your heating system. Once we determine the cause, we’ll know how to fix it with speed and efficiency. 

These are some of the most common furnace problems our technicians address:

Unevenly Heated Home

Furnaces are designed to heat homes evenly and with consistency. If you have cold spots or chilly rooms, your furnace could be the culprit.

Short Cycling

You might not pay attention to how often your furnace runs until you notice that it’s running almost constantly. Even on cold days, your furnace shouldn’t be turning on and off a lot. This short cycling means there’s a problem with your heating system.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Faulty wiring, sensor problems, and other mechanical issues can stop your thermostat from working. If your thermostat isn’t working right, this means your furnace won’t be able to turn on and warm up your home.

Odd Sounds

Loose belts or broken parts can cause different kinds of noises in your furnace. You might hear a grinding sound or a high-pitched squealing noise when something inside it is damaged or loose. Our technicians can tighten components, repair broken parts, or replace damaged components as needed.

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When Should I Replace My Furnace Instead of Repairing It?

How old is your furnace? How often has it needed repairs? Has it had routine maintenance done? These are a few questions to ask yourself to determine if you need new furnace installation instead of repairs. 

Our experts at Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning can help you answer those questions and decide if a new furnace is a better option than repairs. We can determine how old your furnace is if you’re not sure. Keep in mind that furnaces typically last up to 20 years, but any older than 15 years are candidates for replacement.

Choose our local experts when you need knowledgeable furnace replacement services.

Our Annual Maintenance Program

Want to avoid or lessen or chances of calling for repair? Just got a new furnace installed and want to extend its life of efficiency capabilities. The best way to care for your furnace is to schedule routine maintenance with Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning.

Our professional furnace maintenance team will inspect, clean, and tune up your furnace once a year before the cold season hits, so it’s ready to tackle Pendleton’s most extreme winter weather conditions. As part of our Annual Maintenance Program, you’ll have access to priority scheduling, so you never have to worry about missing a service appointment again.

We’re also proud to offer our Comfort Club Membership to local homeowners who want to partner with us for all their HVAC and indoor air quality (IAQ) needs. For as little as $14.17 per month, you’ll receive service discounts, free filter changes, special pricing on overtime calls, and so much more.

Learn more about our premium membership – call Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning today.

Around-the-Clock Furnace Repairs

When you need reliable furnace repair in Pendleton, IN, you can always count on Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning. What makes us your best choice for repairs? When you choose us for heating system problems, you get outstanding customer service and competitive repair prices.

Our team is also available after hours, weekends, and holidays. Our 24/7 emergency repair offerings are part of our testament to maintaining our customers’ safety and satisfaction, especially in the event of a heating emergency in the coldest months of the year.

When your furnace unexpectedly breaks down, don’t delay – call Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning right away.

Contact Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning for Trustworthy Furnace Repair

Is your furnace not heating your home or having other issues? Then give Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning a call as soon as you can. You can get in touch with us day or night to schedule your furnace repair appointment. We’ve been the local experts in all HVAC and IAQ equipment needs for more than 60 years. Call Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule your furnace repair appointment.