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An often overlooked, but vitally important, aspect of maintaining your home is scheduling regular Spring/Fall maintenance on your HVAC systems. Regular maintenance saves you money, keeps your systems running efficiently, and ensures your warranties are utilized. This preventative spring/fall maintenance can also save you from starting the heating and cooling seasons with a broken system and no professional help readily available due to high demand.

No Start-up Headache

HVAC companies receive countless calls to service systems right at the start of the cooling and heating seasons, which occur in the spring and fall respectively. Homeowners who neglect to schedule routine maintenance are met with the headache of finding a licensed professional when their system doesn’t start right up. Due to the influx of customer needs during this season, homeowners could be left waiting for weeks to get an appointment with a reputable company. The weather in the spring and fall can become unpredictable fast, especially in the Midwest; don’t get caught freezing or frying! Schedule regular spring/fall maintenance and avoid this all too common seasonal stress.

Maintain Efficiency

Regular spring/fall maintenance is important to keep your HVAC system running at peak efficiency. When your system runs efficiently your monthly energy costs will stay low because your systems will easily be able to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home while kicking on less often. Not only that, HVAC systems that are regularly maintained and seen by a profession last longer than machines that are only checked over when a problem arises. This saves you money by increasing the longevity of your system and keeps regular wear and tear to a minimum.

Save Money

While regular maintenance by a professional saves you from abnormally large monthly energy bills, it can also help prevent costly repairs. Having a professional look at your system on a regular basis can prevent more serious problems by fixing small issues before they can spiral into larger repairs. This foresight can also prevent issues from causing a complete system failure resulting in the system needing to be completely replaced. Like with any machine, investing in regular maintenance will save you money in the long run.

Maintain Warranties

Regular fall/spring maintenance on your systems can help you take advantage of the warranty on your HVAC machines. Not only will a professional know to keep track of your warranty, but they will also be able to find issues in a timely manner and are more likely to qualify for repairs covered by your warranty. Some system warranties require regular professional maintenance for repairs to qualify. Make sure you, and the professional you hire, are familiar with the parameters of your system’s warranty.

Schedule Regular Fall/Spring Maintenance with Nardco Today! 

Whether you are motivated by saving some cash on utility costs or by keeping your system in peak physical condition, it truly benefits homeowners to schedule regular spring/fall maintenance with a professional HVAC specialist. These preventative steps will keep your system running smoothly all year.


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